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“Don't Shine So Others Can See You.

 Shine So That Through You,
 Others Can See Him.”
 C. S. Lewis

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Love Most , The Podcast with Déa

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I remember when I wanted a different life but didn’t know what it meant because I didn’t understand my calling. Still I called on Him to transform me through my pain. I thought of a butterfly in a cocoon, in a dark, tight space, waiting to emerge and to strengthen its wings for a flight it knew nothing about...


I can do so many things really, but I can only do them through Him. 

My spiritual journey has been bumpy at times, and I too, many times, have fallen from grace.

So you are not alone. I am with you.

I am every woman, Mom of five, Grandmother, divorced twice, single again. I was adopted from an orphanage in Brazil at the age of 5 months, and I am a fraternal twin (yes we were adopted together.)

I am a Singer/Songwriter, a Book Reviewer/Contributor, a Moderator,  a Speaker, an Award Winning Entrepreneur, The President's Call to Service Award Recipient by former President Barack Obama and the National Corporation for Community Service, a Marriage and Family/Divorced Women Coach (Light University - AACC),

and the host of

Love Most TM - The Podcast with Déa.

I love God, and I love my life, but it took time to get here. Today, I am feeling stronger than ever, certain that what God has in store for me, has little to do with my personal wishes and everything to do with His Master Plan for my life. I have waited patiently for this exact season, and  I trust in Him wholeheartedly. In my hope, faith and conviction, I know God has my back. I am imperfect but strong, I am willing,

and I am available to learn.

And so the day has come.

I have emerged, transformed,

and ready to share His light!

Welcome to my Music Ministry and to my journey!



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